"Apicoltura Consegni" is situated in the middle of Tuscany, between Florence and Arezzo, in the beautiful green hills of Valdarno.
Photographs from the 1940s and 1950s
Our company was formed by Giocondo Consegni in the 1940s. He started the company with around 100 beehives. With many sacrifices and much hard work, the company has been expanded and continues to grow under the supervision of his sons Mario and Luciano.
Today our company, run by "Consegni Brothers and Son" boasts 1800 beehives. Around 1000 of these are used for the settlement of bees from the various regions of Tuscany, where there are many different kinds of flowers.
The procedure is highly mechanised, both in terms of transportation of the beehives and harvesting of the honey.

Apicoltura F.lli "Consegni"
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